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Lorries Parked In Line

Onsite Exams PLLC

Driver Safety Done Right! Providing Driver Health and Safety Education as well as cost effective and convenient Onsite Medical Examinations for Department of Transportation and Pre-employment Physicals 

Why this Coaching & Training is Important?

As many companies are focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion to hire and promote diverse talent, many leaders get to the position and find themselves as

“The Only.”

The Only woman, the only minority, the only one not belonging in that echelon. As a result, all their unique talents fade under the weight of trying to fit into the established culture - aka LOPSIDED Leaders

1. Mental Fitness Status Check In Superpower Muscle
2. Mental Fitness Check In Compassion Muscle
3. Mental Fitness Status Check In Your EXECUTE Muscle

Mental Fitness Bootcamp

Pain Free Book


The 21 years I spent in daily chronic pain taught me so many lessons that now add value and hope to my patients and the cover to own now!

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Organizations Impacted By Onsite Clinicians 

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