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Exclusive Services

Mental Fitness: Like physical fitness, we have to increase healthy mental behaviors and decrease unhealthy ones. Building our mental muscles yields empathy and emotional intelligence, greater communication in relationships (personal and professional), and confidence to operate in your zone of genius. Our leaders are visionaries who help their vision catch FIRE in others.

Coaching Services

Executive Coaching

1:1 career and professional coaching for your leadership team or C-Suite to eliminate imposter syndrome, achieve work life harmony or disrupt patterns of sabotage in your communication with your team.


Team Coaching

Group dynamics are fun and so unique. As a facilitator and coach, we help foster a safe space to hear ideas and innovate or resolve conflicts and bottlenecks in your team’s productivity.

Training Services

Leadership Training

We develop mindset, technical leadership skills, and real life measurable innovation to your leadership vision, style and results. We customize The Holistic Leaders Academy Curriculum to your unique organizational and human needs and map out structural support to continue your progress after the training is complete.


Corporate Retreats

Experience a transformational experience with your leadership team OFFSITE. Nature, Leadership Training, Team Building activities and Mind/Body Modalities to shift each member of your leadership team from lopsided to holistic in a distraction free environment - with a lot of FUN!

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