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The Onsite Story 


Michele Johnson

MHS PA-C CEO & Founder of PFPA Coaching & Training

"Holistic Leader Coaching Saved My Life"

As a survivor of 20+ years of daily chronic pain, Michele learned healing modalities from Cuba, China and even

western medicine as a Duke Trained physician assistant. 


It was the transformative power of coaching and

training in mental fitness that finally empowered her mind/body transformation to being “pain-free”

Armed with over 25 years of personal and professional training to strengthen women and minority leaders,

Michele uses her proven framework to let go of the stress, anxiety and trauma that collects in our body and mind, transforming leaders and organizations from "Lopsided" to Holistic Leaders with her unique ability to SEE beneath the surface 

Jan Sugar

Founder & CEO of Sugar Ink Expert Communications & Storytelling

Jan helps emerging and established leaders with owning their unique voice and communication. Jan provides authenticity, courage and compelling depth to our leaders’ stories tp enrich their OWN voice. She works with leaders to speak into their genius and communicate in a way that others value, understand and respond to with ease. She has mastery in identifying uncovered expression of your unique talent. We explore these leadership communication tools in detail during Holistic Leaders Academy


Stacey Henry Carr

Certified Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformation Therapy Specialist 

Stacey gets to ROOT causes of hidden misalignment in mind, body and spirit. As a former corporate leader and trainer, Stacey helps leaders embrace holistic leadership to transform ANY area of their life with ease, poise, grace and training their mind.

Pat Roque

Rock On Success Founder, Brain Tumor Survivor & Advocate

As a Professional Speaker and Advocate for women leaders to SPEAK UP, articulate their value and claim their seat at the table, Pat brings over 30 years of Employee Engagement & Leadership Strategy to Holistic Leaders Academy. Her unique approach to the #IamRemarkable facilitator curriculum sets her action plan strategies apart from any training your leaders have experienced in the past 

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